"fine wines from our carefully
tended grapes"



Constructed in 2007 our new purpose built winery is up and running. This fantastic building is a blend of tradition and technology, where the age old art of winemaking meets the latest in modern winemaking equipment. The perfect place for hand crafting fine wines from our carefully tended grapes.

Orinoco winery was designed by award winning architect Jeremy Smith at Irving Smith Jack Architects. A key brief of the winery design was to minimize the impacts on the environment, both physical and visual. A stunning building houses an ideal environment for making and maturing wine with a minimal demand on outside resources.


We press our grapes, ferment and mature the wines in barrel or climate controlled stainless steel, filter, bottle, label and pack all in the one facility with sustainability, efficiency and care.

All rainwater is recycled and used for cleaning and our 3 chamber wastewater system purifies all waste, and returns it as nutrients to feed some of the new plantings of native trees.

The winery is extremely well insulated allowing us to use minimal refrigeration and to manipulate the temperature inside the winery using totally passive methods by controlling airflow through the building.



Orinoco Vineyards Nelson New Zealand
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