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The Orinoco Winery is a passion for the whole Le Gros family. Paul and Marg Le Gros planted their first grapes back in 1993 in Brightwater, Nelson. Their son's Christian, Tim and Simon spent many a School and University holiday in the family vineyard, planting, pruning and caring for the vines.

In 2004 oldest son Christian returned to Nelson after years spent training in Viticulture and Winemaking, and working at numerous renowned international and national wineries. Together with his parents they planted a second vineyard, this time on the tops of the Moutere hills overlooking Tasman Bay.

Named after the Orinoco Valley which rests below the Moutere vineyard, Orinoco Wines now produce a range


of premium wines that showcase the different terroirs and varieties grown in each of Nelson's two distinct winegrowing sub regions.

Still a family effort, the vines are lovingly tended, with Christian, and intuitive and passionate winemaker, guiding the grapes through their evolution from the vineyard to the bottle. His wife Steph and their three young children all play their part too. They firmly believe it's their taste testing of the ripening grapes rather than Christian's years of training and practice that's behind the success of the wine.




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